How to attract customers to your night club?



As a night club or bar owner, you must be desperately to see your night club full of people and customers enjoy themselves very much at your place, then your business will gain a big success. The question is how?
1. Build a clear theme for your club.There are many night clubs or bars locally, a special theme can make your club stand out from others, and tell customer why they should step into your club not others.
2. Offer a variety of options of drink & food to your customers. If customers can't find their favorites at your club they won't come again.
3. Create various activities of different topics. Such as "no reject tonight", these kind of activities will improve the enthusiasm of customers and make lots of fun.
4. Hold special shows with funny stuff people never see before. For example, making various smileclouds in different shapes and sizes, you also can use laser light to change the colors, people will be crazy about it.
5. Do some promotion. Like "10% discount day", customers will be attracted and drink more alcoholic than usual.